Blinc Mascara Is The Best Waterproof Mascara You Can Buy To Avoid Flaking and Smudging

If I could only take one beauty item to a deserted island, it would be mascara. While it might be a completely impractical choice, I believe just one coat of mascara can completely transform your look—whether that’s pulling together a full face of makeup or simply helping you look more awake.

In fact, when I’m packing to visit my parents at home in Hawaii on an *actual* island, the first item in my makeup bag is always Blinc’s Amplified Tubing Mascara ($26; followed by a sunscreen with at least 50 SPF. Yes, the mascara is *above* SPF on my list of priorities—don’t tell my derm!

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Even though I herald Buxom’s Lash Volumizing Mascara as my holy-grail mascara for everyday use, Blinc’s mascara becomes my tried-and-true the moment I arrive in the humid climates of Oahu. I consider Buxom’s formula perfect in every single way, but it will never survive a quick swim in the ocean or a super sweaty hike in a humid climate. Plus, when I’m home I finally have time to binge my favorite sad movies—I *really* am an emotional pisces—and this is the only mascara that holds up.

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